J.Lo Officially Runs Out Of Ideas


Apparently “Get On The Floor,” the new single from Jennifer Lopez, bears a “discomforting resemblance” to a track called “Party O’Clock,” which was released by singer Kat DeLuna last year.

Both songs were produced by Grammy nominee RedOne. The Lopez track, above, goes, “Cuz London to Ibiza/Straight to L.A. New York/Vegas to Africa.”

Kat DeLuna’s jam goes, “Party in Ibiza, Party in New York/All the way to Africa/Love in the Caribbean/On my way to Vegas.” Bragging about travel: Coincidence, or RedOne’s go-to theme?

For some reason, though, no one is talking about how the melody in Jennifer Lopez’s song is a direct ripoff of the Lambada song! Perhaps it is forbidden?

J.Lo’s New Song Sounds Suspiciously Like One From Hispanic Hottie Kat DeLuna [Gatecrasher]

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