Jackie Aina's Making a Black Beauty Influencer Documentary

Jackie Aina's Making a Black Beauty Influencer Documentary
Image:Paras Griffin (Getty Images)

Beauty influencer and activist Jackie Aina will executive produce and star in a documentary on Black women in the beauty space, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Titled Social Beauty, the full-length doc will dig into “the success and impact of everyday Black women, turned top social media influencers dominating the mainstream beauty market and changing its standards, one tutorial at a time,” a spokesperson told the Hollywood Reporter in a statement.

Aina uses her platform to advocate for more visibility for Black women in the beauty industry, as well as to help shift predominantly white standards of beauty. The doc will feature other influencers, like YouTubers Cydnee Black, Alissa Ashley, and Whitney White, to get their take on the industry.

Per the Hollywood Reporter:

“I’m so excited to be a part of something that shows our impact as black women in beauty,” says Aina. “I hope through this project people will see that so many of us are passionate, multifaceted, and more than what you see outwardly. It is an honor being a part of a community that encourages so many of us to believe in ourselves and to look and feel beautiful even when often times the media encourages otherwise.”

The doc will start filming in the fall.

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