Jameis Winston's Lawyer Posts Victim's Name on Twitter


An attorney for Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston posted the name of a woman who accused the football player of rape to his Twitter account on Tuesday.

Winston was accused of rape in December 2012, but the officials declined to press charges citing insufficient evidence. FSU now faces a Department of Education investigation for violating Title IX policies, which mandate a code of conduct hearing following sexual assault accusations.

On Tuesday, FSU set a date of Nov. 17 for a disciplinary hearing into whether or not Winston violated student conduct code. Shortly afterwards, David Cornwell, Winston’s attorney, took to Twitter to “protest” the FSU investigation of Winston, posting “FSU gives [the accuser] 20 months to file a complaint and Jameis 13 days to learn 1,000 documents. #dueprocess??” In the screencap of the complaint Cornwell used, he did not make any effort to blur or hide the victim’s name. According to the Orlando Sentinel, it’s something he’s done flagrantly in the past as well.

As he has done multiple times in the past, Cornwell opted to name the accuser, an action typically not taken during ongoing sexual assault claims. Cornwell, however, has asserted those claims have been proven unfounded by the criminal justice system.

Holy shit, this is some fucked up, disgusting garbage. This attorney is a complete shitbag.

“Mr. Winston’s lawyer apparently likes to bully people and he has spent great efforts to get her name out there,” said John Clune, an attorney for the woman. “That kind of intimidation tactic isn’t going to get him very far here.”

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