James Franco and Seth Rogen Very Sensually Recreated "Bound 2"


Just last week, the Internet got you a lovely gift: “Bound 2,” starring Kimye, a motorcycle, a fleet of wild horses and the Grand Canyon. This week, the Internet got you something again. It is just so thoughtful. Here’s the new gift: “Bound 2,” recreated shot-for-shot with James Franco as Kanye West and Seth Rogen fully committing to the role of Kim Kardashian (just look at those bedroom eyes).

Honestly, everyone, I love this. I understanding that parodying “Bound 2,” a music video that is already a parody of itself, is a cheap move — but this is so good. I believe their love! I do! And, in this version, Rogen is the true star (in the original, the eagle that flies across the screen for a brief second was the best actor and second place went to Mother Nature, so this is a big upgrade).

[H/t Papermag]

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