James Franco Is Getting His Own Documentary


James Franco has joined a long list of individuals considered historically significant and/or interesting enough to warrant documentary films be made about their lives. This is a list whose recent additions include Texas Governor Ann Richards, feminist icon Gloria Steinem and groundbreaking comedian Joan Rivers.

The Wrap reports that Franco. A Documentary has been filming said Franco for a year [Emphasis added]:

Franco. is a feature length documentary that follows entertainment’s most interesting hyphenate; James Franco. Through the perspective of his former MFA student; the documentary will examine the incredible stamina and work ethic that James Franco possesses and how he incorporates this into his various areas of artistic interest. James Franco is an accomplished actor, director, producer, artist, author, student, professor, model.. the list goes on. What inspires and motivates him to take on so much and how is it balanced between his family life and celebrity juxtaposed to how he is perceived by the public will also be examined.

The Wrap says the movie will also feature members of Franco’s “notoriously secretive social circle” (Yes, Seth Rogen and James’ brother, actor Dave Franco, are both very secretive). It is being directed by Lisa Vangellow, who was a producer on a short film called Smoke that Franco executive produced.

James Franco: giving the people what they want. Coming next: a biopic about Franco’s life starring Meryl Streep as James Franco. They’ll call it The Iron Franco.

Image via Jason Kempin/Getty

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