Jane Lynch Talks To Ellen About Being Gay In Hollywood

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  • For an episode that will air today, Jane Lynch visited Ellen and talked about coming out in Hollywood.

“I was more closeted in my life when I was younger,” Jane told Ellen. “It made it so much easier for me when you [came out].” [ET]

  • More on this later in Midweek Madness: Ashton cheated on Demi again. Allegedly. [Star]
  • Lindsay Lohan traded her Maserati in for a Porsche. Tough times. [TMZ]
  • Jay-Z and Beyoncé did a duet of “Forever Young” at Yankee Stadium on Monday. Screechy video at the link. [JustJared]
  • Jon Voight Skypes with his grandchildren, les enfants Jolie-Pitt. “All the kids are smart, I tell you. They’re beautiful children,” he says. Of the kids being in the gossip magazines, he gushes: “I like seeing them no matter where they are. I don’t read the stuff; I just look at their picture and swoon. love them.” [Ok!]
  • Ryan Reynolds is producing a comedy show that will air on NBC. Mayors of Casterbridge is described as “Old School meets Gran Torino.” [Socialite Life]
  • Behold: Orlando Bloom in his Three Musketeers costume. You know, I never buy him as an actor when he’s wearing modern clothes. But he was made to wear period costumes! [Radar Online]
  • This will shock you, but Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt may not get divorced. [Hollyscoop]
  • Breaking: Leonardo DiCaprio purchased a 10-year-old Sulcata tortoise. [TMZ]
  • True story: Kat Von D once tattooed Sandra Bullock‘s face on a client. [TMZ]
  • Here is gossip from 1985 regarding Diane Lane and Jon Bon Jovi. Also, unrelated to Diane Lane: crabs. [Page Six]
  • Josh Brolin says he never cheated on Diane Lane: “I don’t fuck around on my wife.” He also talks about that time he was arrested for battery. [Daily Express]
  • Have you seen the Jackass 3D movie poster? [The Life Files]
  • Tom Brady gets a free Audi every year. [Page Six]
  • Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D let someone else do his hair for the October issue of GQ! [Page Six]
  • Robyn will be on Gossip Girl! [WonderWall]
  • Chris Brown was seen out at a club in New York, sulking in a corner. [Page Six]
  • Marlo from The Wire has landed a role on Lie To Me. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Congrats to No Doubt’s Tony Kanal, who is expecting his first baby; his girlfriend is pregnant. [Contact Music]
  • What your morning needs: A nude picture of Jason Biggs. [Yeeeah]
  • “Actor Casey Affleck has settled two sexual harassment cases filed by female crewmembers on his Joaquin Phoenix documentary.” [Daily Express]
  • “My 2-year-old daughter Ever would be such an actress. She’s constantly going, ‘OK, you be Ever and I’m momma’, and we have to improvise a scene together with her playing me. You should see her singing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. She has a voice that’s horrific, but the emotion is just so real. She goes with me everywhere, she’s always on set with me. Now, I’m filming Three Musketeers and she’s having a great time because I got her all these super-cheap princess dresses, like the bigger the better, the more cheesy, rhinestone-y, sequined stuff, and she loves it.” — Milla Jovovich. [Digital Spy via Parade]
  • “When I was younger I used to lie on my bed and look up at a poster of Tyra Banks on my ceiling. She was in the Victoria’s Secret catalogs that my mom used to get and I thought she was the most gorgeous thing in the world.” — Zac Efron. [Contact Music]
  • “I really am in bed at 9pm. The parties are nice if you’re with your crowd as it’s nice to celebrate the film together, but no I feel like I don’t really enjoy the networking sort of thing. If I’m going to meet somebody it should be for a job where I can audition and act. I don’t think my personality is going to impress anyone into giving me a job!” — Carey Mulligan. [Mirror]
  • “To me, there’s no real difference between a fortune teller or a fortune cookie and any of the organized religions. They’re all equally valid or invalid, really. And equally helpful.” — Woody Allen. [NY Times]
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