Japan Upholds Law Requiring Sterilization for Trans People


Japan has ruled to uphold a 2003 law that requires sterilization for trans people.

NBC News reports that Takakito Usui, a trans man, appealed to the court to overturn the law after seeking legal recognition as a man without getting surgery. The law itself, known as Law 111, requires trans people who want to legally change their gender to “be single and without children under 20, undergo a psychiatric evaluation to receive a diagnosis of ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ (GID), and be sterilized.”

Usui rightfully argued that the law was unconstitutional, but on Friday Japan’s Supreme Court ruled to uphold the law. Though two judges did say that the law should be reviewed “from the viewpoint of respect for personality and individuality.”

Usui and his lawyer are not ending the fight for Japan to legally recognize trans people without such limiting requirements. “I think the ruling could lead to a next step,” he said at a press conference after the ruling.

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