Jen, Gerard Get Down And Dirty (Hair, That Is)


We’re not in the biz of dreaming up Jen-Brad drama, but it is a little weird that Steven Klein – the same guy who shot the infamous Brangelina-playing-house W spread – has now done Jen-and-Gerard, “provocatively”, for the same mag:

April’s W, which hits newsstands next week, finds Jennifer Aniston and Gerard “Gerry” Butler, rumored to be involved in real life and known to be in the terrible-looking Bounty Hunter onscreen, in a 13-page pictorial. Jen, (a tragic spinster), sports “an Alberta Ferretti silk chiffon dress, Carine Gilson Lingerie Couture’s silk bra and silk lace briefs, Stella McCartney garters and Lanvin shoes” and hair that stylist Chris McMillan – described by W as “the creator of the “Rachel” cut” – reveals was deliberately unwashed. (Gerard is wearing what looks like a khaki shirt.)

The spread, called “provocative” by the New York Post, was shot on a Canyon Country, California ranch by celebrity photographer Klein, not merely the lensman of the 2005 “sensitivity chip”-lacking Mr. and Mrs. Smith photoshoot, but a “good friend” of Brad Pitt’s. Now, we’re sure everyone involved was super-professional and busy and many other boring things that have nothing to do with making points. But it’s still an interesting choice for Aniston – and likely a canny one for W. Although, maybe McMillan has the right idea: “They’re going to be talking s—t as usual,” might as well make the terms?

The Jennifer Aniston Shoot: Behind The Scenes With Chris McMillan

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler Cover W Magazine!
Jen & Ger’s Desert Heat [NY Post]

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