Jenn Sterger Was Not Flattered By Brett Favre's Dick Pics


In a somewhat depressing interview with Good Morning America, Jenn Sterger was forced to reiterate that she did not ask for and was not flattered by pictures of Brett Favre’s dick.

Sterger has always maintained that she never wanted Favre’s voicemails and dick pics to become public, and she emphasizes this again in her most recent interview. Even though Favre was the one who allegedly sent someone unsolicited pictures of his genitals, Sterger has to spend pretty much the whole segment proving she didn’t do anything wrong. After stating that she was intimidated, not excited, by the football star’s advances, she has to answer questions about whether she gave Favre any “encouragement” — when, as she repeatedly says, she never actually met the guy. And George Stephanopoulos at one point asks her, “Do you owe anyone an apology?”

Why all this bullshit? Sterger herself puts it pretty succinctly when she describes her fears once the situation went public: “look at how I looked. People would say I asked for it.” Now she has to go on TV and tell everybody she’s not a “gold-digger or a home-wrecker,” even though Favre is the one who harassed her. No wonder she was intimidated.

Jenn Sterger: ‘I’ve Never Met Him,’ Former Jets Game Day Hostess Says Of Brett Favre [ABC]

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