Jennifer Aniston Boringly Makes Fun of Boring Life in Boring Commercial


There’s nothing wrong with Jennifer Aniston. She’s funny in interviews, she was on one of the most important sitcoms of all time and she’s really into yoga (probably). Her fiancé Justin Theroux is talented and hopefully the two of them have a nice time together. Yes, she’s tabloid fodder, but that doesn’t really make sense. The last time she was a part of anything gossip worthy was in 2005, but since then everything written about her has been dull speculation about her supposed loneliness and empty uterus. These are the stories that skip over while you’re reading US or Star at the nail salon so that you can instead decide on Who Wore It Best or look at photos of Jon Hamm’s penis through his pants. Jennifer Aniston’s stories (despite her being what I’m sure is nothing short of a pleasant person) are boring so a commercial lampooning Jennifer Aniston’s depiction in the media — like this new ad for Smartwater, for example — is Dullsville by default.

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