Jeremy Renner and Wife Divorcing After 10 Months of Marriage

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Jeremy Renner and his wife Sonni Pacheco are divorcing.

After less than a year of being married, Avengers star Renner and Pacheco have called it quits. (Brace yourself for a lot of terrible Hurt Locker jokes on the gossip blogs while this plays out.) Celebrity divorce blog TMZ has all the details.

The couple just copped to their secret marriage back in September … and every indication is the break-up will be nasty.
In her divorce docs … Pacheco says they have a prenup, but adds it should be torn up because it was based on fraud. There’s no further detail about what she means by “fraud.”
Pacheco wants the moon … she’s asking for spousal support and physical custody of their 1-year-old daughter, Ava Berlin. She’s also looking to use the Range Rover until the smoke clears, and for Renner to pony up her rent and moving expenses.

Love is just a fragile bird you try to care for in a box under your bed so your mom won’t see and then one day you realize why your mom told you couldn’t keep animals in boxes under your bed in the first place. It’s best to just let it go and realize it’s not going to grow stronger, teach you a secret language and let you rule by its side in the magical kingdom of Birdtopia.


Here is Meryl Streep hanging out with Usher and Tyrese, as one does.

They are all at the Kennedy Center Honors. What are you up to tonight? Watching The Bad Girls Club with your sick cat? Yeah. I’m DVRing that.

Katie Lee Gifford would please like Bruce and Kris Jenner to reunite. “You know, I’m godmother to the two younger Jenner girls,” she said in a Q&A for Buzzfeed. “I don’t like to see families break up.”The assimilation of Kathie Lee into the world of the Kardashian-Jenner-Wests is a natural conclusion to 2014,a year which brought us pretty much the Apocalypse of garbage and shit a lot of interesting things. [Buzzfeed]

  • Very sad to report that actress Christine Cavanaugh has died at the age of 51. She had a long list of credits as a voice over actress including Babe the pig in Babe , Chuckie Finster on Rugrats and Dexter on Dexter’s Laboratory. [A.V. Club]
  • Neil Patrick Harris‘ grandmother Martha Jeanne Harris passed away at the age of 92. [Perez Hilton]
  • Rob Thomas cut off the tip of his finger while he was making breakfast. OK, this is my worst nightmare. I am always terrified I am going to do this one day while cooking. I actually sliced my nail today making dinner. I’m not going to obsess about how this could happen to me or set up an emergency finger severing kit either. Nope. I will not do that. [New York Daily News]
  • If you thought the Great Plague of Marseille was a devastating blow to humanity, just wait. [Hollywood Life]
  • Get a glimpse of Sofia Vergara’s HUGE FUCKING ENGAGEMENT RING OMG. [Page Six]
  • Also, is she maybe pregnant with twins? [Latin Times]
  • Paul Walker’s family is suing the estate of the man who was driving the car during the crash that killed him. [People]
  • Oh no, Giada De Laurentiis is getting a divorce. If Ina Garten splits from Jeffrey I’ll be dead inside forever. [Facebook]
  • And Slash filed for divorce, too. Thirteen-year-old me just squealed “OMG HE’S SINGLE AGAIN” and 40-year-old me rolled her eyes and told her to shut the hell up. [TMZ]
  • Parks and Recreation Gary/Jerry/Larry/Terry Gergich will never get a break. [Entertainment Weekly/Twitter]
  • Cristela Alonzo announced she is going to co-host two episodes of The View. Let’s place bets now on which other co-hosts producers will plant fake news stories about getting in fights with her. [Twitter]

Cavanaugh was also the voice of Marty in one of my favorite shows of all time, The Critic. Here is an episode that featured Marty and his struggle to get a date. RIP.

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