Jerry Falwell Jr. Isn't Going Anywhere, According to Jerry Falwell Jr.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Isn't Going Anywhere, According to Jerry Falwell Jr.
Image:Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

News broke on Monday that Jerry Falwell Jr. had resigned from his position as the president of the evangelist Liberty University, following reports of a longstanding throuple-ish situation involving him, his wife Becki, and his business partner Giancarlo Granda, the latter of whom Falwell reportedly enjoyed watching fucking the former. But Falwell says he doesn’t give a shit if everyone knows he’s a hypocritical cuck, he will not stand down!!!! Gather ye popcorn, friends.

Falwell told Virginia Business that reports of his resignation were “completely false.” He also said that reports of him watching Granda fuck his wife were “90 percent false,” which does not exactly clarify anything, but OK.

Granda told Reuters that he met the Falwells while working as a pool attendant at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel seven years ago, and that Granda and Becki started regularly sleeping together, with Falwell often watching. Falwell, meanwhile, says he knew about the affair but did not watch, though the texts and emails Granda showed Reuters reportedly suggest otherwise.

It’s important to note that Falwell is already on a leave of absence after a series of incidents that embarrassed the university and evangelical community, so at the very least, he’s probably on double-secret probation now. Or fired! Stay tuned.

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