Jessica Chastain's New Neighbors: Ghosts! 


The Osbourne is an historic apartment building located across the street from New York’s Carnegie Hall. Since opening in 1885, it has been home to notable New Yorkers like Leonard Bernstein, Lynn Redgrave, and Fran Lebowitz. But the building’s former residents aren’t nearly as interesting as its current ones: Jessica Chastain and so many ghosts.

From the New York Post:

The ghost of Alfredo Taylor — an architect who designed the 1906 addition to the famed apartment house — is said to roam the building’s halls and ride the lift. It’s said he likes to dangle a watch fob from his hand.

Naomi Graffman, one of Chastain’s living neighbors, told the Post that she too has “a poltergeist.”

Graffman said sliding doors would open and close by themselves and a pot of water on the stove would boil without anyone turning on the burner. “We’d be standing in the hallway talking and the toilet would start to flush,” she said.

The flusher/boiler is thought to be the ghost of Johanna Gadski, an opera singer who was booted from the Met during WWI for being German. Davida Deutsch, the building’s “unofficial historian,” even kept a broom near her bed to fight off Gadski and the other – just in case they ever got physical.

It’s just like the old joke – “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Find Jessica Chastain and the ghosts, then cross the street.”

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