Jessie Spano/Nomi Malone Writes Self-Esteem Book For Girls


Elizabeth Berkley—best known for her roles in Saved by the Bell and, of course, Showgirls—has written a book called Ask Elizabeth based on her website, which was apparently created out of some kind of demand of teen girls seeking advice from the actress. This morning, she discussed her book on Today, and while she mentioned that the biggest problem that she notices with teen girls is body image issues, she didn’t say whether brown rice and vegetables was a suitable solution. Additionally, it remains to be seen if the book addresses what to do when you become so excited, so excited, so…scared. Same goes for what age, exactly, is too old for that “whore-y look.”

Showgirls’ Elizabeth Berkley Pens “Self-Esteem” Book for Girls [Us]

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