Jimmy Fallon Has Audience Member Throw Hot Dogs in Juan Pablo's Mouth


Jimmy Fallon didn’t invent the game Hot Dog in a Hole as a reference to Bachelor Juan Pablo’s recent homophobic comments. But it would be a weird coincidence if the show’s producers didn’t purposefully set it up as the game one of his audience members would randomly choose for “Darts of Insanity” on Wednesday night’s episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Hot Dog in a Hole the Jimmy Fallon way is pretty simple: a big board is set up with a picture of a celebrity’s face. That board has a hole where the famous person’s mouth should be. Someone from the audience is then told to throw hot dogs at the hole and try to get as many in as possible. The blow job metaphor is not so much subtle as it is purposeful.

Fallon has had people play this game on his show before; they’ve thrown dogs at members of the Fox News team (Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck), politicians involved in the healthcare debate (Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, John Boehner), and the stars of Twilight (Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson). But the game takes on new meaning with it’s played with a man who has been on an apology campaign after saying a gay Bachelor wouldn’t work because gay people are “more pervert.”

“Think you can get your wieners through Juan Pablo’s mouth?” Fallon asked. “I’ll do my best,” the contestant answered. Clearly someone at Fallon thought the stupid game they do sometimes would line up well with the stupid thing this dude just said, but maybe next time let’s just not.

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