Joe Francis Has No Sense of Irony Regarding His Leaked Sex Tape


Our sweet tease of a friend, Karma, just ejaculated karma all over Joe Francis: there is a sex tape of the “Girls Gone Wild” founder going wild with his girl, and he is super unhappy that his privacy was violated.

The “hardcore” video features several instances of Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson, his girlfriend and former 2012 Champion of GGW’s “Search for the Hottest Girl in America,” humping their brains out (among other sexual acts). It is unsure whether the sex tape will also feature the creepy voice of a cameraman urging them to “spank each other,” like Francis’s GGW videos, but at the very least we can assume Francis jiggled his titties for the camera while yelling “SPRING BREAK, BITCHES.”

According to TMZ, the video was taken from Wilson’s stolen iPad. The amazing hero that stole this very private video is currently shopping around to see which media outlet will buy it.

One would think that someone who became a D-list celebrity by enlisting a small army of cameramen to exploit drunk girls and film them performing varying degrees of sexual acts would be a little more comfortable with his fuckathon being put out there, but no. Francis’s lawyer, David Houston, spoke to TMZ and shared this wonderfully ironic statement:

It is not only unfortunate, but it is a crime. As such, this office will take all necessary steps to determine who in fact has done this and who is attempting to distribute the video…when we catch you, we will see that you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of both the criminal and civil laws.


Joe Francis Sex Tape Surfaces [TMZ]

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