Joe Simpson's Alleged 21-Year-Old Boyfriend Sounds Like A Real Douche Nugget

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Apparently “the gay community of Hollywood” isn’t surprised by the rumors that Joe Simpson has come out to his family after the dissolution of his three-decade marriage, because some 21-year-old punk-ass West Hollywood kid has been going around and “boasting” about dating the 54-year-old former youth pastor for at least the last year. Aspiring male model-slash-actor Bryce Chandler Hill allegedly met Simpson through Britney Spears backup dancer TJ Espinoza, a friend of Ashlee and Jessica’s, and has been using him and their trysts to climb the showbiz ladder. A source says “The sad thing is that [Bryce] mocks and laughs at Joe behind his back. He doesn’t care for him in the same way Joe does about him.” Well, fuck you very much, Bryce Chandler Hill, because now I’ve gone from being blissfully ambivalent about this whole thing to being emotionally invested in Joe Simpson’s search for sedate, mature middle-aged love. [Radar Online]

As for Joe’s rather extreme makeover: he dyed his hair blonde and went out in a bright yellow sweater, matching sneakers and black skinny jeans. [TMZ]

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