John Mayer Bores Us, Jason Derulo Tortures Us, and Lauren Jauregui Does a Solo Ballad


Nope: John Mayer, “I Guess I Just Feel Like” – John Mayer sighs a heavy sigh at his breakfast table, dropping his copy of the New York Times Sunday edition into his lap. His orange juice sits before him. His bowl of Wheaties barely touched. It’s another day of terrible headlines as the global world order begins to shift, none of us totally sure where it will land. Mayer sighs again. “I guess I just feel like,” he begins to say, out loud, to his black Labrador Moose. But then Mayer loses his train of thought. It comes back. “I guess I just feel like…” he tries again, playing with the emphasis. The complete thought emerges. “I guess I just feel like… nobody’s honest.” Moose yawns. Mayer looks up out of a window and makes a note to himself. “Yeah,” he says. And that’s how I imagine this horrible song came to be. “That’s good.” Mayer puts his copy of the paper off to the side, and pulls out the Times crossword puzzle, content for now. —Frida Garza

Not on my watch: Jason Derulo and David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj and Willy Williams, “Goodbye” – Need more proof that the world is cruel? Watch this video, which features Jason Derulo in outfits I can best describe as the result of a Project Runway challenge that involves creating a show-stopping ensemble for a pop star. The song itself is one of those irritating David Guetta machinations that feel like a robotic worm is slowly making its way through your intestines (at a club). Enjoy. —Clover Hope

I think so: Lauren Jauregui, “Expectations” – Lauren was always one of my favorite members of Fifth Harmony. Her voice stretches miles, and she kind of looks like a vampire—both enviable qualities. “Expectations” highlights the former. Her debut solo single is a vintage pop ballad that’s kinda boring but mostly enjoyable, and she’s stunting here, which I don’t mind. —Maria Sherman

Yes: Public Practice, “Foundation” – My favorite band in New York right now is Public Practice, a supergroup of sorts, comprised of new wave rockers Wall and power-pop twee group Beverly. Together they craft sharp, elastic post-punk. Frontwoman Sam York’s vocals cut with spoken word intensity, particularly in “Foundation,” from their debut EP Distance Is a Mirror. I’d like to recommend it to every Talking Heads fan on the planet. —MS

Y: Salt Cathedral, “Rude Boy” – This video is a beautiful, seamless blend of urban New York City and classic Latinx aesthetics. Fittingly, this indie pop duo hails from Bogotá, Colombia and is based in Brooklyn. They premiered their latest single on Remezcla earlier this week, and echoed the sentiments of many popular Latinx artists right now who aren’t limiting themselves to solely reaching a Latin American audience, saying, “We are new-generation Latinos who take inspiration from a globalized world…” Drawing inspiration from Frida Kahlo’s look and life story, this video is all about art and feminine strength and the song itself is fun. New favs alert. —Ecleen Luzmila Caraballo

Y: Silvana Estrada, “Amor Eterno” – I’ve had my eye on this 21-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter for a while now and look forward to seeing her pop off. There’s no video attached to this song yet, but you can get a feel for her sound in this performance of “La Llorona,” with Natalia LaFourcade and Mon Laferte. Her music is passionate yet relaxing and smooth. —ELC

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