John Oliver Asks You to Pity the IRS With Michael Bolton's Help


John Oliver took on a hefty task during Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, he actually tried to make viewers feel bad for the plight of IRS employees this tax season—and he kind of made sense.

Following the discovery that the IRS was targeting Tea Party organizations more than other groups and stalling their applications for years, Oliver said the IRS’s budget to hire, retain and pay employees was slashed. As a result, the IRS staff has dwindled which means you can barely see anyone in person, you can’t get anyone on the phone and as a “courtesy” the IRS will hang up on you to put you out of your misery–except this only makes you more furious as you angrily redial their mainline while cursing. Long story short people, we did this to ourselves. But we need the IRS to keep America going so check out Michael Bolton’s tax song and make your financial appointment this week. It’s almost April 15th.

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