Johnny Depp No Longer Has Any Idea What His Actual Accent Sounds Like


Johnny Depp is from Kentucky, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that from this interview the actor gave The Today Show. Depp and Joel Edgerton, who both star in Black Mass (opening today) spoke to Natalie Morales about the movie and while Edgerton breezed through the interview with no problems, Depp went a little method. Or a little something. Whatever was going on, Johnny was really, really off.

Perhaps it’s the fact that interviews are boring and Depp’s done enough of them to last a lifetime, but his behavior during his three minutes with Morales (as well as his antics during other promotions for Black Mass) has been “raising some eyebrows,” according to Page Six. During the interview, Depp’s accent goes from Bostonian, to Australian, to god knows what else. He was either having some fun with the interview or, and this is more worrying, he’s gotten so far into his characters that he has no idea who he is anymore. Maybe Johnny Depp’s memories have been replaced with character research and he can no longer remember where Depp the person was born and raised, only the characters he’s played.

During the interview, Depp says that when he’s acting, “the last thing he wants to do is look like himself.” But who is the real Johnny Depp anymore?

That sounds like the plot of a movie, actually. Maybe Tim Burton will make it. (I want half the box office for the idea, though.)

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