JoJo Siwa's Entire Family Has Recovered From Coronavirus

JoJo Siwa's Entire Family Has Recovered From Coronavirus
Image:Andrew Toth (Getty Images)

Here is how JoJo Siwa described her experience with coronavirus: “We had headaches, we were tired, we had shortness of breath, we had all the things.” Her family, including mom Jessalynn Siwa, also lost their taste and smell. Thank god everyone is doing fine now!

The teen sensation revealed that she had contracted coronavirus, alongside her entire family, in an interview with ET Thursday.“I did end up getting it, the big, dreaded COVID-19. It got through my whole family.” The virus spread quickly, according to Siwa: “We were all, like, three days apart.” For an entire household to contract the virus, it’s good news that they all recovered, at least from what Siwa revealed to ET.

Interestingly, it’s not just a positive coronavirus test that has shaken up Siwa’s experience in quarantine. According to the hair bow entrepreneur, she and boyfriend Mark Bontempo—in which the gossip press became a bit too interested over the summer—broke up after after doing normal teen romance things like driving through Taco Bell “450 times” together. She previously announced the news in November, but here, Siwa elaborated further on the split. She told the outlet that things were amicable, and he had to work on himself. “And when I ended the relationship I was like, I don’t want to just say ‘let’s be friends’ and then let’s not. Like, let’s be friends and let’s make it normal.”

It all sounds like a typical high school romance in the suburbs of Los Angeles, which is at least nice for a child superstar. I’m glad she had that one normal thing, in between the massive toy-stuffed mansion, coronavirus, and a billion screaming children following her around the globe.

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