Jon Huntsman's Daughter Dated Kris Humphries

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Kris Humphries has become one of the most famous dumpees of all time, but had things worked out differently we might know him from his appearances in White House photo ops … if Republicans didn’t hate Jon Huntsman and Kris had managed to win over Mary Anne Huntsman during their brief time together. In a GQ profile of the “Jon2012Girls,” Liddy Huntsman reveals that her sister Mary Ann went on a date with Kris way back in 2003. They saw the movie Elf and he ordered a popcorn “the size of a garbage can.” Mary Ann didn’t hear about him again until he turned up on a reality show in the role of Kim Kardashian‘s Ken doll. When Liddy volunteered the story during the interview, Mary Ann was embarrassed about it getting out, but Liddy said, “I’m just trying to make someone smile.” Seriously, why can’t one of these ladies be the Republican nominee? [GQ]

Here’s another fascinating interview in which Jennifer Aniston “reveals” that she might be using botox. She tells InStyle, “People think that I do a lot of injections, but I don’t … I’m not saying that I haven’t tried it … but I see how it’s a slippery slope … All that cosmetic stuff looks ridiculous on me.” She also says she was a “dumpy” teenager. Yawn. [People]

Let it be known that Pink‘s baby Willow is ridiculously adorable. [Daily Mail]

Behold: The new Huger Games poster. Insert your own witty comment if you’ve read the book. [MockingJay]

  • Howard Stern has inked a deal to be the Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent. He says, “This nonsense of Howie and Sharon putting through less than talented people has got to stop … Under my administration, there will be no Frank Sinatra impersonators winning for the year. If people think I’m the crazy man, I am not. I am the voice of reason.” [RS]
  • Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to tell the leader of the free world a secret and forget that your mic is on? Barabara Walters reportedly whispered, rather loudly, to President Obama “I need one more interview with you because I’m retiring next year.” [N.Y. Mag]
  • Teen Mom‘s Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra put off their wedding to focus on graduating from high school, but now they’ve set a wedding date: July 15, 2013, which will be their nine-year anniversary. [Us]
  • Meanwhle, Amber Portwood may be headed to jail. [E!]
  • Kim Kardashian released a statement about the haunted Elizabeth Taylor jewelry she just bought for $64,900. “Elizabeth Taylor was an idol of mine and I’m honored to now own something from her collection,” says Kim. “The Lorraine Schwartz jade bracelets are special because jade transfers energy, so I will cherish these bracelets with her energy in them for the rest of my life!” [Us]
  • BREAKING: Kanye West has taken to Twitter again aftter a six month hiatus. This afternoon he shared deep thoughts on red pantsuits for women, Carine Roitfeld, and the scarf he wants for Christmas. [N.Y. Mag]
  • Kyle Richards reports on her sister Kim Richards‘ progress in rehab: “She’s doing very well, thank you … That’s all I’m going to say. She’s doing fantastic.” [E!]
  • Seth Rogan says he’s enjoying being married: “I’m pretty happy right now. Married life is exactly like non-married life, except you’re not constantly having the feeling that you’re disappointing your significant other by not marrying them.” [People]
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