Jon Stewart Says What You've Been Thinking About Marcus Bachmann


Ever since we found out about Marcus Bachmann’s attempts to cure the gays, there’s been a certain… subtext. But as much as Mr. Bachmann’s setting off everyone’s gaydar is a tempting target for hypocrisy call-outs, what self-respecting progressive is going to make fun of effeminacy?

Enter Jon Stewart, who sputtered last night, “Is he teaching people not to be gay or is he like the Green Mile guy, absorbing it?” He said Bachmann’s an “Izod shirt away from being the gay character on Modern Family.” And then he called in reinforcements to cure him of his shameful need to make gay jokes: Comedy repression therapist Jerry Seinfeld, who tries to pray the gay (jokes) away.

“Comedy is a choice,” says Seinfeld. “You weren’t born this way.” He tries to slap it out of Stewart, and suggests, “Instead of going for the cheap gay joke, why don’t you try watching and making some astute observation?” We’ve distilled the best parts for you above, but you can watch the full clip here.

With the segment, Stewart got to say what lots of people were thinking without seeming like a hypocrite himself, and be pretty goddamn funny in the process. This way he gets to have it both ways. Just like… nevermind.

Comedy Repression Therapy [The Daily Show]

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