Jonathan Scott Thinks Zooey Deschanel is a 'Great Human,' Will Probably 'Keep' Her

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Jonathan Scott Thinks Zooey Deschanel is a 'Great Human,' Will Probably 'Keep' Her
Screenshot:Jonathan Scott (Instagram)

And now, a story: After a particularly amicable divorce, your sister hits you up one night and asks that you go to a party at a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend’s house. She’d been invited by her husband’s coworker’s brother, who was hosting the party, and insisted that it’d be “good for you.” That phrase comes up often in the Uber ride there. “This is good for you, you really need this!” she stresses, again and again as the Toyota Corolla you’ve been stuffed in is swallowed by LA traffic. To pass the time, you ask if you can play some music from your phone (a playlist of classic show tunes you’ve loved since high school) and spend the next hour humming along to them. Your wistful gaze is directed at the passerby around you on the 101, and you miss the irritated expression that frequently flits across the driver’s face. Eventually you get to the party, and a pair of brothers—twins—answer the door. You’re pulled inside and see a group of adults playing Monopoly, which you find quirky because of the little animals and objects you acquire at the beginning. Outside, a foosball match is swiftly devolving into yelling, and from the kitchen, strangers are carrying out bowls of neatly chopped vegetables, dips, and mixed nuts.

One of the brothers, Jonathan, heard the show tunes when you showed up, and quickly impresses you with a Sondheim reference. You laugh, nervous, and admit that you much prefer Phantom of the Opera. At this, his leads you to a dusty record player and shows off his massive collection of improv comedy vinyls and original Broadway cast recordings. Your recently finalized divorce is pushed out of your mind. Tonight you’ll have fun. It’ll be good for you! The evening passes by, you pose for selfies, yell about Monopoly rules, and spend a good half-hour too-long singing songs from RENT with Jonathan. When you eventually leave, he bows, and kisses you on the cheek. You check his Instagram before bed. He’s posted one of those selfies. The caption? “Met some new humans today. We had fun. I think I’ll keep them.” You smile. He remembered that you love dogs, and jokes about dogs. As you drift to sleep, a thought: “Maybe I’ll keep him too.”

Sources tell People that Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel bonded on the set of Carpool Karaoke over their shared love of music:

“He makes her laugh and he’s so sweet to her,” the source says. “They bonded over shared love of music. He’s very close to his family and loves children.” […] “He lives in Las Vegas, so they’ve seen each other in L.A.,” says the source, who notes that Scott has not yet met Deschanel’s children with Pechenik: Elsie, 4, and Charlie, 2.

I’m also told that Deschanel was “drawn in” by the Property Brother’s “great sense of humor”—like his Instagram caption above! It’s good to know that at least one good thing has come from The Late Show With James Corden, stealer of Beyoncé’s Creative Arts Emmys. [People]

As reported last week, Britney Spears was granted a new conservator, Jodi Montgomery, after her father filed a petition to temporarily vacate the role. TMZ now claims that tensions surrounding her case are reaching a boiling point, with some describing it as a “fireworks show.”

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Britney’s mom, Lynne, will ask the judge to terminate Jamie as Britney’s conservator. […] A critical piece of evidence is expected to be unveiled during the hearing — the report by a court-appointed evaluator who spent months gathering evidence on the care Britney has received. The evaluator looked at Britney’s primary doctor, Dr. Timothy Benson, who died unexpectedly on August 24, suddenly at age 48. We’re told the evaluator put Dr. Benson and Jamie under a microscope, but so far it appears only the judge knows what’s in the report.

Remember, that court ordered evaluation concerned the sudden hospitalization of Britney Spears earlier this year after reports surfaced that Jamie’s health was failing and she was cancelling her re-upped Vegas residency. Interestingly, the D.A. also rejected Kevin Federline’s child abuse claims against Britney’s father after it was alleged that Jamie broke a door and “violently shook” her son. Without that restraining order, anyone challenging Jamie’s role as a conservator will likely have their case hinge on whatever is revealed by the court evaluation. [TMZ]

Here’s a good thing!

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