Joni Mitchell: 'There’s Nothing Innovative'


Joni Mitchell spoke to Vogue about her new box set, which contains more than 50 songs from over the course of her career, and also about the utter lack of creativity of the youngins. All in all, she sounded very Joni Mitchell.

When it comes to talent, Joni Mitchell has it. But unfortunately, if you’re a member of “this generation,” all that time you spend on the internet pushing buttons is making you talentless.

“Talent no longer means that much to the record companies because it doesn’t mean that much to this generation that doesn’t seem to have much talent,” she says. “They sit pushing buttons and looking at the Internet in the time that the generations before spent practicing an instrument.”

When asked if she saw any of her influence in music that’s being made today, Mitchell scoffed:

“Where would I see that? On the radio? The stuff that’s on the radio bears no resemblance to my music. None at all. None,” she says. “People don’t write songs anymore, they get a phrase and repeat it—everything is formulaic: A copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. There’s nothing innovative.”

I’m guessing Joni Mitchell isn’t a Wiz Khalifa fan, then?

Image via AP.

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