Jorge Ramos Asks to Interview Donald Trump, Trump Responds Trumpishly


Four-time bankruptcy filer and seething hernia mass Donald Trump said that all Mexicans crossing the border into the United States are rapists and criminals, so Univision wisely chose to sever their ties with the Trump Organization. On Thursday, Jorge Ramos of Univision politely requested an interview with Trump, who responded with yet another piece of truly on-brand dickishness.

Today, Trump tweeted an image of Ramos’s note to him, with the caption “Univision said they don’t like Trump yet Jorge Ramos and their other anchors are begging me for interviews.” He didn’t bother to blur out Ramos’ personal cell number, which the journalist was gracious enough to give him.

Mr. Trump: I want to write you personally to request an interview. But so far, your team has declined.
I am sure you have a lot of things to say and I have a lot of things to ask. I’ll go to New York or wherever you would like. If you would like to talk first over the phone, my personal cell is [redacted].
I know this is an important issue for you and for me. All the best,

The note is a model of how to politely and professionally ask someone you disagree with for a interview. Instagramming a picture of it and sharing someone’s private cell number is a model of how to show the world that you’re a large, tangerine-colored mound of pig dung barely passing as a human being.

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Image via AP.

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