July 15 Week In Review


10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Hugh Hefner gives the definitive answer on whether or not Casey Anthony will pose for Playboy, Paris Hilton explains why she doesn’t give blow jobs, and pageant mothers continue to be horrible people. More »

Marcus Bachmann Will Only Fix Your Gayness If You Ask Nicely

Here’s Marcus Bachmann’s defense of his clinic’s habit of trying to “cure” gays: Only if they ask for it! Also, he claims, dubiously, that the audio of him calling gays barbarians was “doctored.” More »

Brad & Angelina’s Wedding: A Seven-Year History Of Rumormongering

The new issue of Us Weekly claims that Brad and Angelina will get married in September. If it seems like these two have been on their way to the chapel for years now, it’s because, according to a never-ending tabloid cycle, they have. More »

All Birthing Options Come To The Same Horrible Conclusion

With the rise in popularity of both home births and epidurals, there’s been considerable debate about the pros and cons of natural delivery versus a medically-assisted one. It’s great that we have more options beyond the standard-issue labor and delivery route, but let’s face it: The decision is about which way you’d prefer to have your vagina explode all over the place, so all of the choices basically suck. More »

Cheating Ladies Are Sexting Without Shame

A new study purports to show that women are actually more likely to engage in sexting than men are. But a closer look reveals a different picture of the findings. More »

This Week In Tabloids: Kate Middleton Can’t Get Knocked Up, She’s Anorexic

Welcome back to Midweek Madness. Every Wednesday, we “read” the celebrity tabloids so you don’t “have” to. Today, since Reese Witherspoon wore a shirt over her bikini on the beach, obviously she is pregnant; newly divorced ScarJo and RyRen had an intimate dinner during which she touched his face and he rubbed her back; and Kate Middleton is “starving to be sexy.” More »

How To Cope When Friends Break Up

A breakup is obviously tough on the couple involved – but if you’re friends with them, you face a social minefield of your own. Here’s how to navigate it with a minimum of strife. More »

“Colonial”-Themed Wedding Included Authentic All-Black Servant Staff

A tipster urged us to take a look at the wedding photos of Dave & Chantal, who got married in April 2010. The theme of the event? Colonial Africa. Wait, what? More »

Does Your Baby Have Bad Taste?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed that your baby is starting to exhibit personal preferences. Like any other self-involved parent, you probably assumed that your lifelong carefully cultivated aesthetic choices would transfer directly to your offspring via your DNA. Or at least that your own indiscretions of taste simply didn’t stick to you, like that one time right after college when you were pretty wasted and you actually said out loud that Counting Crows might be onto something. More »

New Hampshire Loses Its Damn Mind, Defunds Planned Parenthood

The New Hampshire Executive Council has voted to cancel the state’s contract with Planned Parenthood, rejecting up to $1.8 million in state funding – “about 20 percent of its total annual funding” – and has also “stripped its authority to dispense low-cost birth control and antibiotics to uninsured patients.” More »

How To Make A Necklace Out Of Things You Can Find At The Hardware Store

Making a necklace out of hardware store gleanings isn’t exactly a brand new idea — in fact, there’s a whole book dedicated to hardware store jewelry projects — but it is easy, satisfying, and generally cheaper than making a necklace out of regular old beads. (Or maybe the bead stores in my city are just overpriced.) And best of all, you can finish a necklace in about five minutes flat. More »

Dance Moms Is Full Of People You’ll Love To Hate

The overly made-up faces, overly sexed-up outfits, and vicarious living featured on Dance Moms all evoke easy comparisons to Toddlers & Tiaras. But what makes Dance Moms standout is that it’s not just the kids who are yelled at till they cry—it’s also the adults. More »

Should Parents Of Dangerously Obese Children Lose Custody?

A Harvard-based specialist on childhood obesity thinks that super heavy children should be temporarily removed from the custody of their parents to promote the child’s best interests. And maybe he’s not totally wrong. More »

Your 2011 Primetime Emmy Nominees

Melissa McCarthy and Pacey got up very, very early this morning to share some special information with us all. Here we go: More »

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