Just a Fun Fact About the Woman Who Willingly Fucks Stephen Miller

Just a Fun Fact About the Woman Who Willingly Fucks Stephen Miller
Image:Alastair Pike/AFP (Getty Images)

For reasons that I will never quite understand, Vanity Fair ran a breezy little piece on Trump adviser and ghoul Stephen Miller’s fairy tale romance with Katie Miller (née Waldman), a woman who shares the same passion for both “saving” America from the pernicious scourge of immigrants and inflicting as much pain and suffering on people of color through government policy as is humanly possible. I’m thrilled that these demons found each other, but a small part of me lies awake at night and wonders what kind of woman would willingly attach herself to the architect of some of the most harmful anti-immigration policies in the country’s history. At long last, I have an answer.

Mrs. Miller is the public face of the White House Coronavirus Taskforce and is also Mike Pence’s press secretary. Anyone can plainly see that she is doing an abysmal job, but that is neither here nor there. What feels more pressing, however, is the casual fact that in high school, Miller had the phrase “YOLO” tattooed on the inside of her lower lip. Please let that fully absorb into whatever corner of your brain exists to hold such information. Please also take that in line with this quote from a former University of Florida classmate: “The only thing she loves or values in this world is power. Anyone she attaches to in her life is simply a pawn to feed her addiction to it.”

Stephen Miller is arguably one of the most powerful masterminds in the current administration and has been given free rein to spew his racist rhetoric by codifying most of it into law. He has also found a woman who agrees with him and is dedicated to his agenda, proving true the adage that there is someone out there for everyone, even if both parties are truly evil. But I’m fascinated by Wife Miller’s choice to emblazon her lower lip with a YOLO tattoo. I understand that she’s an iconoclast in her own right and with that understanding, this decision makes a little sense. Tattooing a Drake lyric about embracing life by the balls for fun, but really interpreting that lyric to be about taking life by the balls for fascism is an interesting intellectual statement. It suggests that maybe, at one point in her life, she wasn’t a monster. But now, unfortunately, she is.

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