Just Some Photos of Ellen DeGeneres

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Screenshot: Twitter

Ellen DeGeneres has coronavirus, and everyone is wishing her a speedy recovery. On Twitter yesterday, she announced her positive diagnosis and wrote that everyone who has been in contact with her had been notified according to CDC guidelines, which also dictate that they will now have to self-isolate and await their own test results.

For now, DeGeneres is still well enough to post on Twitter, which she did on Friday morning.

At least those dog beds look cozy!

After some light investigation, I also found that for much of the last few weeks, DeGeneres has been out and about, Christmas shopping, and stocking up her new, $49 million house with wife Portia De Rossi. Obviously, only DeGeneres and the CDC, maybe, know how and when she contracted the virus. But her shopping excursions do lay bare the precarity of the situation this entire country has been trapped in since March.

One minute, a person can be out shopping, following guidelines, and generally thinking themselves safe and healthy. Then, in the next minute, they are at home, or in a hospital, wondering just when the infection began, and who they might have spread it to.

Regardless, get well soon Ellen!

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