Justin Bieber Made An Insane Short Film To Sell Perfume Or Something


Just as Krzysztof Kieślowski had his “Decalogue,” so too does Justin Bieber have his cinematic masterworks.

The message here, in this most Herzogian of The Bieber Works thus far, is that Justin has a key. It is a key to your room that Justin will use when you are sleeping and that is not creepy at all. It is also a metaphoric key to your heart. Your heart is also a bottle of shitty perfume you can buy at Macy’s for $60. Wait—SIXTY FUCKING DOLLARS? Are you high, Macy’s? $60. Sixty actual dollars. Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ’s toenails, Macy’s.

If you still can get enough Bieber from this 3:35 minute video, don’t forget, you can also watch the trailer for his new film “Believe,” which hits theaters Dec. 25. Again, the title of that film is “Believe,” shortened from the original title “Believe You Can Sell Crappy Perfume To Teenage Girls At Any Price You Want.”

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