JWoww's Horrific Bedazzled Clothing On Sale Now!


Master couturière JWOWW debuted her luxury creations on her website yesterday. Moderately priced at only a few hundred dollars for dresses comprised of genuine Swarovski crystals, spandex, and European Lace, top fashion critics are weighing in on Ms. Woww’s wares.

Violet Desire dress, $319.99.

“Daring, blaring, and occasionally erring, Jenni Farley’s eclectic eye skittered over the New Jersey boardwalk, pausing here and there to alight on a swatch of brightly hued Lycra, or a piece of lace. Also, she looks like a parsnip.” — Cathy Horyn

Coral Dream Set, $358.99

“Here as elsewhere, Farley’s focus was on the décolletée. An unoriginal proposition, perhaps, in a season that has seen everyone from Prada to Louis Vuitton give breasts their due, but a welcome one for any woman who’s ever stood in a dressing room surrounded by designer dresses, and yearned for a garment as simple and universally flattering as Farley’s famous ‘Boob Sling.'” — Christina Binkley

Paris Sunflower dress, $329.99

“There was something about her willingness to engage with a wide variety of materials — most notably, feather trims — that recalled the wit and verve of a young Ann Demeulemeester, without all the Belgian’s sturm und drang.” — Lynn Yaeger

Feathers Top, $179.99

“I found myself transported to a dreamscape of lapping waves, abdominal muscles, and clouds like little puffs of spray-tan.” — Simon Doonan

Arm Candy Bikini, $124

“See? Flat-chested girls can wear it, too.” — Robin Givhan.

Pure Sin cocktail dress, $39.99

“Loved it. Want everything in it. Will be buying the lot. The website says it ships by August 20, hopefully it’ll be here in time for fashion week. Anna’s going to have a kitten when she sees me.” — Glenda Bailey

Crystal Snow Set, $359.99

“Actually Christie, they have nice lines. A fun, frisky use of color. All and all, I’d have to say they’re really…not bad.” — Lisa Ludler

Filthy Couture Shop [Official Site]

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