Kacey Musgraves Tried Her Best But Did Not Succeed

Chipotle + Coldplay karaoke = ????????????????????

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Kacey Musgraves Tried Her Best But Did Not Succeed
Image:John Lamparski (Getty Images)

For reasons that have yet to be disclosed, Chipotle released a three-minute-long “short film” wherein animated farmers endure hardship, but then bounce back after putting some tents over their crops. Perhaps that level of cinema is too high-brow for my puny brain, but I didn’t quite understand what viewers were supposed to feel watching cartoon farmers (all of whom happen to be white) grow limes and other vegetables to send to Chipotle so they can continue to pump out oversized, bland burrito bowls.

The short film also came with another confusing bonus of Kacey Musgraves singing an emotionally charged cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You.” What are Musgraves and Chipotle trying to fix? Climate change? Working conditions for field laborers? Certainly, they’re not trying to fix Chipotle’s inability to implement seasoning, so what are we doing here?

The company says that the video is part of a larger project meant to help the farmers who grow their product “overcome modern-day barriers” through grants and scholarships. Not a shred of that message translates through this short film, which seems to be trying very hard to be something else. I hope all parties involved got a nice paycheck for having their time wasted.

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