Kanye, the World's Greatest Uncle, Has Taken Over Scott's 'Dad Duties'

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While Scott Disick was out partying “with an ex-girlfriend in the South of France” this weekend, his kinda-brother-in-law Kanye West was being a “model father figure” to 5-year-old Mason as they celebrated the 4th of July.

While [Kourtney] stayed home in LA with Penelope and Reign, Mason went with the Wests to New York to spend July Fourth on a yacht owned by friends J.R. and Loren Ridinger. Former NBA star Scottie Pippen, his wife, Larsa, and daughter Sophia were also onboard, we hear.
“Kanye took Mason and Sophia to the movies after Kim and Larsa went to lunch at Cipriani,” a source said. (North napped.) The whole group later reconvened to watch fireworks on the boat with Jacob “The Jeweler” Arabo and others.

So Kanye shielded his nephew from the drama of his parents’ messy breakup by letting him hang out on a yacht filled with celebrities, feeding him a delicious meal at a fancy restaurant, and then letting him stay up to watch the fireworks. What an uncle!

[Page Six]

But enough about how wonderful Kanye is. Let’s go back to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, whose crumbling relationship may end up being the subject of a tell-all Scott hires someone capable of stringing sentences together in book form to write! “There are fears that Disick will spill all of the family secrets — and that Kourtney could sue over it!”

This is sort of a silly rumor, given the fact that Disick has apparently signed plenty of contracts preventing him from divulging such secrets, buuuuuut if he decided to just do it anyway, the family would sue, and that could be an entire KUWTK season! Or even a spinoff! Get yourself a ghostwriter, Scott. Feel it out. See what happens

[Radar Online]

Lily Allen is on a road trip after collapsing in Glastonbury last week. Did she collapse due to heat exhaustion? Did she collapse because she was, as The Sun suggested, “wasted”? Did she collapse because burning the flags of Kanye haters let her all tuckered out?

No one knows, but The Irish Examiner is reporting that she’s been driving around Ireland snapping photos with fans and eating oysters with locals.

Rest up Lily!


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