Kardashian World Fashion Takeover Proceeding According To Plans

  • There is a surfeit of Kardashian-reated news this morning! The Sisters K have, variously, a newly opened store, a broken toe, a Christian Louboutin reaction quote regarding said injured digit, and a new credit card with their faces on it:
  • Kim Kardashian tripped and fell in a pair of Christian Louboutin heels covered in leopard print and studs. She broke her toe. (We did this, this week! It hurts.) Louboutin, when asked to comment, said, “Maybe it’s just a clumsy family?” But also, recently, he tripped and hurt his knee while wearing a pair of his own flats. This injury got him thinking. Racked reports: “He stood up, and moaned, ‘Oh, I think it’s getting worse.’ Then he chuckled, while mimicking lightning bolts shooting from his eyes, ‘It must be Kim‘s people — they’re sending me bad karma for what my shoes did.'” [Racked]
  • Judging by these pictures, it looks like the opening of the SoHo branch of the Kardashians’ boutique, Dash, was a madhouse. All we see is broken toes and toe-stepping and tripping and incipient toe injuries, everywhere! [NYDN]
  • Meanwhile, the Kardashians have released their own credit card, which comes emblazoned with Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney’s faces. Because of course you want to be thinking about the idle rich when you’re paying for groceries on credit. [PR Newswire]
  • “When we go to fashion shows, it’s kind of work because we’re looking to buy for our store,” says Kim Kardashian. Kind of! [WWD]
  • Detmar Blow wore a suit cut from fabric chosen by Alexander McQueen to the U.S. launch of his new book, co-written with Tom Sykes. [Fashionista]
  • Iman says Victoria Beckham is “one of the best designers.” [People]
  • In other celebro-sartorial news, Puff Daddy is closing the New York Sean John flagship. The fashion brand has been in a lawsuit with its landlord over the erection of scaffolding on the building’s façade, which Mr. Daddy says has cut his sales by more than $2.5 million. [WWD]
  • After Bernard Arnault and Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy stealthily acquired more than 17% of Hermès, which is a proudly family-owned company, Hermès C.E.O. Patrick Thomas said that if Arnault’s intentions were as “friendly” as Arnault claimed, he would observe the family’s wishes, and sell his newly-acquired stake. Arnault, who built his engineering and construction company into a luxury conglomerate via several notable hostile takeovers, today laughed off Thomas’s request in the pages of Le Figaro. “I don’t see how the head of a publicly traded company is qualified to ask an investor to sell his shares,” Arnault said. “We’ve taken a stake in Hermès for the long term…Our presence in the capital of Hermès presents no risk to society nor to family control. Quite the contrary.” [Fashionologie]
  • Women’s Wear Daily is pretty sure that either Justin Beiber or Justin Bieber is donating part of the proceeds from his perfumed silly bandz to charity. [WWD]
  • Alber Elbaz says of his collection for H&M, “It wasn’t about Lanvin going lower priced; it was about H&M going to the luxury business.” Guess that explains the $249 dresses. Actual Lanvin costs about that much on the (admittedly rare) occasions it turns up at places like Filene’s Basement, Loehmann’s, or towards the end of a Barneys warehouse sale. [YouTube]
  • Vogue‘s September issue — the one with Halle Berry on the cover, the first black woman to make the September cover of American Vogue in more than twenty years — sold 5.5% fewer copies on the newsstand than last year’s September cover. This wasn’t the only September ladymag to dip at the newsstand, and nor was Vogue‘s decline the biggest, but we can’t help but fear that this will be received as yet more “evidence” for the bullshit notion that women of color aren’t salable as magazine cover subjects. [WWD]
  • It took British Vogue nearly a year to finish its iPad app. And no matter how much anyone might enjoy forking over £3.99 to read the ladymag on an XXXL iPhone, there won’t be another issue for four months. Maybe this is why nobody reads magazines on the iPad? [Independent]
  • “Sources” say that Sally Singer‘s T will feature less in the way of overpriced shit than her old Vogue stomping grounds. Singer would only say: “The things I’m interested are super-aspirational, but they don’t always have to be super-high-priced.” [NYDN]
  • Kelly Cutrone is going to be a regular correspondent of some kind on Dr. Phil. [@Peoplesrev]
  • Need some real-estate porn? Stella McCartney‘s country estate, where the designer takes tea with owls, ought to do nicely. [Catwalk Queen]
  • London-based designer Mary Katrantzou has won this year’s Swiss Textile Award. [WWD]
  • Madewell creative director Kin Jing Lee names Indiana Jones, An Education, and In The Mood For Love as her favorite fashion films. We heartily second In The Mood For Love, which is just one of the best movies, ever. [Fashionista]
  • Jimmy Choo is launching a perfume. [WWD]
  • Are you based in New York? Do you have some free time this evening? Do you really, really want to meet Lorenzo Martone? You could totes go to the casting for his swimwear company, Nycked, and become a star! [The Cut]
  • These DIY leopard print manicures are scary-impressive. For those who have a lot of free time, obvs. [BellaSugar]
  • Nail art at-home pro tips here. [Refinery29]
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