Kate Middleton Has a Butt Bodyguard


Being a princess (yes, she’s a duchess, but she’ll always be a princes in my heart) is not all it’s cut out to be. Sure, there are probably balls and you can get DVDs of movies that haven’t been released at months before anyone else (right?), but the territory also comes with paparazzi blinding you as you walk out of restaurants and trying to take pictures of your butt on a windy day. But now that a photographer has leaked pictures of Kate Middleton’s bare behind, Buckingham Palace is fighting back.

In order to make sure that no other paparazzi can get shots of Kate’s derriere (even if they promise to give all the money to charity; what charity is going to take that money, BTW?) the royals are hiring Kate another bodyguard, this one specifically employed to make sure no one takes pictures of Kate’s posterior.

According to The Mirror, the female minder will accompany Kate while shopping and when she goes on trips. She will also likely accompany Kate in the air, considering that the most recent inappropriate photos were taken as she was exiting a helicopter. Those kinds of photos should be off-limits because even getting a few feet from a helicopter can threaten to blow all your clothes off.

The royals are obviously upset that the photos have been published overseas (no British paper would take them) and according to the New York Daily News, Prince William is especially dismayed considering the fact that the death of his mother, Princess Diana, has been attributed to the paparazzi.

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