Kate Moss's Amazing Musical Wedding To Feature Shit Tons Of Vodka


Kate Moss and Jamie Hince‘s wedding, in case you’ve forgotten, is just around the corner. The three-day extravaganza starts Friday, and will center around Moss’s Cotswolds country home. According to rumor, The Gossip, Snoop Dogg, Shirley Bassey, and the Rolling Stones will perform — and the menu is musically themed, too, says one guest: Kate “is going to be serving Keith Richards‘ shepherd’s pie, Steve Tyler‘s thai curry and Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie‘s sausage and mash.” The couple has allegedly enlisted “two top chefs” to serve hungry guests sausage rolls — which are a delicious, fattening British analogue to pigs-in-blankets — and breadsticks. For decorations, there will be custom-made bunting with a motif of “skulls, flowers, headlines of her escapades, flowers and photos.” Sounds…cheerful. [Telegraph]
Cocaine Kate’s carnival of excess as she marries her Z-list rocker (and at £500,000, here’s hoping it lasts). Guests have to bring water pistols. There’s vodka by the truckload and alcohol-free cocktails (for those in rehab). Brace yourself for three days of vulgar indulgence.” Oh, “Daily Mail Reporter,” you never fail to impress us with your extra-mean adjective selection. Um, does it make us bad people if we want a vodka lorry, too? Not to mention, there will be a dress-up room where guests can play in Kate’s closet. [Daily Mail]
In case you can’t make it but would like to send your regards to one of the world’s wealthiest supermodels and her rock star beau, Moss and Hince have registered for a case of champagne, a vintage cocktail shaker and cups, and 14 ashtrays. Or you could just spring for a silver-plated coke spoon. [Sun]

Heidi Klum says Michael Kors gives her shit about her hemlines on Project Runway. “He says that my skirts are really short. He calls it fallopian length. He teases me.” Klum shares this insight in the new issue of Glamour. [Glamour]

Prince William and Kate Middleton get the illustration treatment from a variety of California designers in today’s Women’s Wear Daily. Rachel Zoe wants Kate to wear something “glamorous, Boho and sexy without being too revealing. Perfect for a beach party in Malibu.” [WWD]

Are you happy now? Princess Beatrice was apparently so scarred by all the commentary, criticism, and Rorschach-test-related humor devoted to her royal wedding hat that she went and hired Emma Watson‘s stylist — for $2,400 per day. That’s an awful lot of money to be paid for saying “Bad hat! No!” every five minutes. [Daily Mail]

Here is a Mario Testino portrait of John Galliano from 1997. [WOW]

Dwyane Wade designed a watch for Hublot, which the…star of that sport involving balls, right?…very sternly models here. It has a black, micro-blasted ceramic casing with red detailing, and it costs $20,000. [WWD]

Harper’s Bazaar put Smurfette in an accessories spread. [HB]

Shipley & Halmos is selling these cute mystery seed bombs for $3.99. [Refinery29]

A California-based company called Old Gringo is suing Lucky Brand for allegedly knocking off its boots. On the left is Old Gringo’s product, on the right is Lucky’s. [WWD]

  • Michael Kors is looking to raise about $500 million in financing to fund its global expansion. To do this, the company is selling a 25% stake, and Tommy Hilfiger is apparently interested in acquiring a slice. [WWD]
  • “I think the way people dress today is a form of artistic expression. Saint Laurent, for instance, has made great art. Art lies in the way the whole outfit is put together. Take Jean Paul Gaultier, what he does is really art.” — Andy Warhol, on fashion, in 1984. [HuffPo]
  • We feel sort of the same way about backstage photographers who snap pictures of male models as they’re changing clothes at the shows as we do about backstage photographers who take pictures of female models as they’re changing clothes at the shows: that it’s creepy and invasive and really not cool. (God, we are such bonerkillers today. Sorry.) [WOW]
  • Model Madelene de la Motte describes the fashion industry in one word: “Bubble. I love fashion but the industry is in a bubble. It’s all about knowing the people in the bubble and the people on the outside don’t know them at all.” [WWD]
  • Here are moment-by-moment pictures of a child model crying as he walks down the runway at a men’s show in Paris. The male model who was holding the kid’s hand never wavers in his Blue Steel. [Fashionista]
  • AAAH! Lady Gaga did that thing again where her eye makeup looks like eyes so it’s like eyes are on her eyes and her eyelids have eyes and eyes within eyes within eyes of eyes. [Glamour]
  • The relationships between Broadway actors and their dressers are some deep shit, man. [NYTimes]
  • Armani‘s second hotel — the first, you will recall, is located in the Burj Dubai tower — is set to open in Milan. [WWD]
  • Johnny Weir is now a face of MAC cosmetics. [P6]
  • Someone finally found a use for Foursquare, the stalker-enabling app that broadcasts your location in real time on the Internet! Two academics are asking people who work in the fashion industry in New York to use Foursquare from July 18-29 so that they can study how we use the Garment District, where we congregate, and how we move through the city. You can register at checkinfashion.com. [WWD]
  • Moda Operandi, the website founded by Vogue editor Lauren Santo Domingo and Aslaug Magnúsdottir, has been given another $10 million in venture capital funding. Moda Operandi is where you can go to buy outfits directly off the runway, including the looks that don’t get picked up by boutiques. (Such as, sadly, the two finale dresses from Proenza Schouler‘s outstanding fall show.) [WWD]
  • Kim Kardashian will walk down the aisle in custom-made Louboutins. (In Joan Didion‘s forthcoming memoir of aging, Blue Nights, there’s a rather sad passage where Didion describes how the red soles of her daughter Quintana Roo’s Louboutin shoes were visible as she knelt at the altar during her wedding, and the sight of those red soles have become one of Didion’s signal memories of the event.) [P6]
  • Adam Lippes is launching a collection for HSN called Love Adam. Pieces from it will retail for $54.90-$399.90. [WWD]
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