Kate Winslet's Terrorist & Body Issues

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Back in 2001, Sam Mendes was booked on American Airlines flight 77 from Washington to L.A., the one hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon. His plans changed, so he never got on the plane, but Kate Winslet also had a terrorist air-scare in 2001. Now Sam and Kate prefer to fly separately, fearing that if they don’t, they will leave their children orphans. [Daily Mail]

  • By the by, Kate Winslet says: “There’s always going to be a part of me that worries about not looking as slim as other actresses.” [Daily Mail]
  • Heath Ledger won a SAG award last night. [NY Daily News]
  • So you know how Lily Allen just broke up with that 45-year-old dude? Right after, she said: “I think, ‘This is someone I’d like to spend the rest of my life with.’ But I cannot face having bad sex.” [Mirror]
  • Here’s more on the Prince Harry/Chelsy Davy breakup: This paper calls her a “flighty blonde,” but a source says: “Chelsy’s heart is with her family and Africa. She comes from a relaxed family with different values and a completely different lifestyle from the royals. This is what Harry loves about her. The irony is that ultimately this is why they can never be together for ever. She has often told her friends she will never marry him not only because she doesn’t, ultimately, want to live in England but also because she doesn’t want the attention that comes with dating a royal. She wants a normal life.” [Daily Mail]
  • Meanwhile: Princess Eugenie and some friends got drunk at a pole dancing club and the Princess asked if she could try the pole. (She was denied.) [Daily Mail]
  • Oh and by the by, Prince William bought Kate Middleton some deer shooting paraphernalia, including a Swarovski stalking scope. She’s looking forward to “bagging her first set of Royal antlers.” [Daily Mail]
  • Rumor has it Hugh Jackman will do a big opening musical number at the Oscars! [Fox 411]
  • Whoa: Will Brad Pitt play Steve McQueen? (Brad says: “Nope.”) [Extra]
  • Does Anderson Cooper fly in the front while his “friend,” an “attractive Hispanic man,” flies in the back of the plane? [Page Six]
  • Drew Barrymore was promoting her romcom, He’s Just Not That Into You, when she said she’d love to bring an old butt-kicking franchise back to life: “I’m so into it—Charlie’s Angels III!” [E!]
  • Amy Winehouse‘s husband Blake Fielder-Civil might try to use a love letter Amy wrote to him to get her money in divorce proceedings. In the letter, Amy said she’d write albums especially for Blake Incarcerated; he’s expected to argue that it means he’s entitled to half of her estimated $15 million earnings. [People, Daiy Mail]
  • Are Kirsten Dunst and Josh Hartnett back on? [Extra]
  • In this Q&A, Matthew Fox talks about why you never see him lending his name to any causes: “I’m an actor. I try to play a character in a really cool story, the very best I can. And somehow or other that does make people very interested in what I have to say. And I think that, being the stubborn bastard I am… the more people want to hear what it is I have to say, the more I kind of… not say anything.” [Men.Style.Com via Details]
  • Paramedics were called to the home of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett this weekend, maybe because Amy’s mom had a health scare? [TMZ]
  • Warning: Russell Brand is thinking about giving up sex. [The Sun]
  • A reporter tells Rumer Willis she looks a little like her dad. “She shrieks and grimaces, covering the lower part of her face with her hands: ‘I hate my jaw!’ she says. [Daily Mail]
  • What is going on in the Bahamas? Pleasant Bridgewater, a senior in Parliament, has just resigned. Obie Wilchcombe, a former “close friend” of John Travolta and family — and member of Bahamaian Parliament — was taken into custody regarding an extortion plot. Wilchcombe has been released, but a third person, and EMT who tried to revive Jett Travolta, is sill in custody. [TMZ, TMZ, TMZ, Us]
  • Wilchcombe says he had nothing to do with the extortion plot. [TMZ]
  • Mickey Rourke hasn’t seen The Wrestler — and won’t, for a while: “I don’t watch anything until three, four, five years go by. I see myself every day in the mirror when I’m shaving. I don’t get anything from it.” [Extra]
  • Samantha Morton says she’ll boycott the BBC if the corporation won’t broadcast an emergency appeal for help in Gaza. Morton took part in a fundraiser for the British Aid Agency Medical Aid for Palestinians. [The Star]
  • Paul McCartney might wed his girlfriend, Nancy Shevell. One might think he’d had enough of marriage… [NY Daily News]
  • Countess LuAnn de Lesseps has a book coming out: Class With the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and Flair. Will tips on crotch-grabbing and landing a reality show be included? [Page Six]
  • Blind item! “Which nymphette actress had a really, really swell time in rehab, and has been telling pals that she ‘got laid there’ all the time?” [Gatecrasher]
  • A prop manager from Lipstick Jungle stole $30,000 worth of designer clothes and accessories, but got caught when a limited-edition bag was seen on eBay. [Gatecrasher via Perez]
  • Sayonara! Janet Jackson has postponed her tour in Japan due to the global financial crisis. [Internation Herald Tribune]
  • Chris Martin gave a lovely lady, Brit singer Alesha Dixon, a ride home. In his private jet. [Daily Mail]
  • Wall Street woes mean celeb houses in the Hamptons are going for slashed prices. [NY Post]
  • The Jolie-Pitt mansion in Malibu will be up for sale soon, by the way. [MSNBC Scoop]
  • Cool interview with Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss. She says of the show: “Everyone who saw it was like, ‘They’re SMOKING! They’re SMOKING!’ No one noticed they were cheating on their wives.” [Guardian]
  • Psst: Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen are planning a hush-hush wedding. [People]
  • Patrick Dempsey competed in a car race which raises money for breast cancer, and has also opened the Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing in Maine. [UPI]
  • In a Q&A with Lauren Graham, she talks about doing Guys & Dolls on Broadway; a Gilmore Girls movie (not gonna happen) and a new comedy she’ll star in, in which she plays “a self-help guru who is truly a mess.” [EW]
  • Anne Hathaway Googles herself. [Showbiz Spy]
  • David and Victoria Beckham have hired two people to clean their mansion in the country, and the couple are named David and Victoria. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Hmm, AC Milan is hoping David Beckham will stay with the team. Ciao, Hollywood? [Independent]
  • Natascha McElhone made her first official public appearance since the death of her husband last year, and was carrying her newborn son, Rex. [Daily Mail]
  • Tommy Lee was seen hanging out with model Victoria Silvstedt — and she had bandages on her knees. What does it mean? [Daily Mail]
  • Seth MacFarlane says Family Guy won’t strike back at South Park, and that the Family Guy scripts are written by sperm whales. [TMZ]
  • Three’s a crowd? Cockblocker George Michael went out with Geri Halliwell and her new Italian boyfriend. [Daily Mail]
  • Elle Macpherson is dating a multi-millionaire British businessman named Damian Aspinall. [News.com.au]
  • Holy femmebot! Kylie Minogue is mega-Photoshopped in her new ads for jewelry company Tous. [Daily Mail]
  • Oh dear: Zsa Zsa Gabor lost at least $7 million by investing with Bernard Madoff, the man who’s been making the incredibly wealthy merely rich. [UPI, MSNBC]
  • Boy George has been moved to a “softer” prison. Is it made of toilet tissue? [Mirror]
  • Ladies and gentlemen, an Iron Maiden hotel. [UPI]
  • TV chef Jamie Oliver was asked to rate his looks on a scale from 1-10. He says: “About six and a half. It’s not really about the face, though. I think it’s more about what’s in my trousers, to be honest – apart from cooking, that’s the thing I’ve got going for me and a lot of women say it’s enough.” [Mirror]
  • “Patsy is a figure of nostalgia, doing everything we daren’t do because of our obligations to our families and society. I have turned into a school prefect now but, much as i love my life, i sometimes think i’d like to skip classes and smoke cigarettes in the duck-house again. I could have been Patsy if i hadn’t turned out to be me.” — Absolutely FabulousJoanna Lumley. [Daily Express]
  • “When you’re younger, you’re always working for something, and now you realize, this is really it. You’d better be enjoying this, because this is pretty good.” — Julianne Moore, who is on the cover of Redbook. [People]
  • “I can’t stand Angelina and all her babies. Maddox probably thought he hit the jackpot, but then Angelina proceeded to take him to every other Third World country on the planet. He’s probably like. ‘Bitch, when the (bleep) are we getting to Malibu?'” — Chelsea Handler. [Gatecrasher]
  • “I swear that my waist is now skinnier than before I was pregnant — how do they do that? Certainly it’s nothing to do with me working out. Jerry Bruckheimer [Shopaholic’s mega-successful producer] hired a personal trainer to help me get rid of the 60lb I put on during pregnancy. He said I was lucky I was blessed with good genes because I had a really bad attitude towards exercise — like stopping when it hurt or got boring and having a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Apparently you are not supposed to do that in Hollywood.” — Isla Fisher. [Times of London]
  • “I think there’s something to be said for looking more natural on film. A perfect physique is unattainable for most women who can’t hire personal trainers or who don’t have the time or inclination to spend two hours a day working out.” — Kate Winslet. [Daily Mail]
  • “My grandparents didn’t take any pills, and they were fine. Just buck up and get over it. Stop being such a fucking pansy.” — Bijou Phillips, Scientologist. [Us via Paper Magazine]
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