Kathie Lee's On-Air Wardrobe Gallery Sadly Lacks Booze


Did you know that Kathie Lee’s Today show wardrobe has its own Twitter account? You can see what she wears, every day, as she guzzles her way into our hearts during the ladyhour of the show. Each post mentions the dress designer and the jewelry designer for each ensemble, but fails to inform us what KLG imbibed during the program. So we took it upon ourselves to pair drinks with the dresses.

October 12
KLG rocks classic, crisp white after labor day and opts for an above-the-knee hemline. So much confidence! This look deserves a large glass of Chardonnay.

October 27
A tweedy fabric with Chanel-eque chains? Give this lady a cognac.

November 2
Since the leather belt on this dress looks vaguely like an obi, let’s serve KLG a warm cup of sake.

September 20
Obviously the jagged lines here call for a mojito.

October 10
A funky pattern in a vibrant color is just right for knocking back a Purple Passion or two.

October 13
A tough gal in a leather dress drinks tequila shots, obviously.

September 22
Attitude, but with elegance? Rusty Nail.

September 14
Sleek, chic, urban. Pour her a Manhattan.

September 15
Bloody Mary.

August 30
Standing on the veranda, looking out at the trees covered in Spanish moss, waiting for Big Daddy. Mint julep.

September 1
Fresh as a recently-mowed country-club golf course! Put a gin and tonic in her hand.

September 5
Whoops, she beat us to it.

@klgoutfits [Twitter]

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