Katie Holmes Explains That Cashmere Bra

Katie Holmes Explains That Cashmere Bra

Katie Holmes will forever be a woman of mystery, between fleeing Tom Cruise and the clutches of Scientology and maintaining a secret, years-long relationship with Jamie Foxx until we ruined it. What is no longer a mystery, thanks to a new interview with InStyle, is the origin story of her famous cashmere bra.

The cashmere bra, in case you don’t remember, made its glamorous appearance on Holmes’ torso last August, shortly after she split with Foxx. Holmes and the bra (along with Holmes’ daughter, Suri) were trying to hail a cab on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan when Holmes was photographed.

InStyle’s Laura Brown asked Holmes why a cashmere bra seems “like a practical and fundamental item in your closet.” Holmes responded,

“Honestly, I wasn’t feeling so sexy. And I saw that and was like, ‘Sexy. I can do that!’ I thought it would be good if I was in a cabin sitting by the fire and wore the [matching] sweater over it. That’s how my brain works. But then I was like, “Oh, wait, I’m not in a cabin, and I’m not going to a cabin.” I still thought I could pull it off, though. I had noticed other people wearing bras with blazers.”

Brown points out that Holmes’s sweater was perfectly positioned; off the shoulder in an effortlessly sexy way that would make Carrie Bradshaw push her into traffic. Holmes demurs:

“I didn’t want to get into trouble with my teenager! We were school shopping, and I was just trying to hail a cab on Sixth Avenue. It looked way more glamorous than it was.”

I respectfully disagree, as I can’t think of anything more glamorous than a cashmere bra, especially if you’ve avoided visibly sweating through it in the heat of the New York August sun.

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