Katy Perry Brings Her Trademark Subtlety to the 'Bon Appétit' Video


The video for that song you probably won’t be able to escape from for the next six to nine months—Katy Perry’s new Migos-assisted track, “Bon Appétit”—has been released.

Hey, so, the song is called “Bon Appétit,” right? And it includes a lot of cutting-edge food references like:

Hope you’ve got some room/ For the world’s best cherry pie/Gonna hit that sweet tooth, boy

Okay, so guess what they did for the video? Just think of the most literal idea possible and you’ll probably nail it. Still, it’s hard to blame them too much because it’s not like the song is that damn original, so what would I expect from the video?

We find Katy as some sort of piece of meat being stored in an enormous fridge—luckily she’s been packaged for freshness. A bunch of chefs—they’re wearing chef’s hats, in case you didn’t know—enter the room, sharpening the knives and give off some major, heeey, what’s going on here, guys? vibes.

Like any fine piece of meat, it’s time to get Katy battered up—a process she seems to enjoy a bit too much.

She’s really loving this, guys!

Like, a lot.

You know how sometimes artists make you read between the lines?

This ain’t that.

I would love to know what kind of food product requires being dredged in flour and then boiled, but, then again, why would logic apply?

The video also includes an extremely random and brief cameo by Roy Choi, a well-known Los Angeles chef, which I am extremely torn about because I like him a lot. But also, huh? Is Roy Choi the one doing all this to Katy? In terms of the metaphor, are Katy and Roy Choi doin’ it? Is he preparing her to eat her flesh? Have I gotten sucked too deep into this weird-ass fantasy food/sex/cannibal world?

The “twist” of the video comes when Katy Perry is wheeled out to the diners. The chefs, for some reason, turn on their costumers, attack them and bake them into a pie to be enjoyed by Katy.

I really do not fucking know.

Katy Perry often tries to toe the line between campy and edgy and it works maybe 1/3 of the time, because how avant-garde can shit really be when you’re trying to push three million copies?

One other thing I’ll say is at least she didn’t try any of this, this, or this mess again. All right, Katy. Fine.

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