Katy Perry's "T.G.I.F." Casts Lovable Cameos For All Ages


Now that we know Katy Perry is a fully-trained thespian, let’s take a look at her latest masterpiece in “T.G.I.F.” Perry plays Kathy Beth Terry, her nerdy, thirteen-year-old alter ego, who accidentally throws the party of the year. Like, OMG!

It’s actual thirteen-year-old Rebecca Black who’s responsible for turning ugly duckling Kathy into a swan, of sorts, when gives her She’s All That-style makeover. Once Kathy’s fully babe-a-riffic, the party gets epic when the Hanson brothers jam out in the backyard with her Uncle Kenny G (clearly a part of the Summer of Sax, just as we forecasted.)

The cameos don’t stop there: Glee‘s Kevin McHale stars as Kathy’s dorky soulmate and Darren Criss makes a cameo as one of the “cool kids” in the beginning. And we really don’t believe they could have casted better people than Corey Feldman and Debbie Gibson to play the stereotypical 80s movie trope of “Disappointed Parents Just Returning Home From A Trip.” The slew of 80s references they spit out is worth watching the video alone. As annoying as Kathy Beth’s promotion was leading up to the release of the video, we suppose it may have been worth it. Maybe.

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