Kelly Osbourne Says She Was Never As Fat As Christina Aguilera Is Now

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Kelly Osbourne has dredged up her fat spat with Christina Aguilera yet again. After criticizing Xtina’s performance at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert on Fashion Police, Kelly then decided to get a little personal. “She called me fat for years,” she said. “I was never that fat.” When co-lady judger George Kotsiopoulos stuck up for Xtina saying she was “still probably a size 2/4”, Kelly went in for the kill. “Trust me,” she said. “I’m a 2/4. That is not a 2/4.” [US]

They explained away last month’s dinner date as a business meeting/tax write-off, but Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper added fuel to the fire no one particularly cares about when someone who looked a lot like her shielded her face from paps while in the passenger seat of his SUV over the weekend. An assortment of super sleuth sources have since come forward to say the couple are dating. Reps declined to comment on whether their latest outing was hatched by their publicists over Friday’s five-chardonnay lunch. [People]

It’s hard to tell her many convictions apart, but Lindsay Lohan faces possible jail time after she failed to show for community service at the Downtown Women’s Center for one of them — a grand total of nine times. At least her particular shade of fake tan goes well with orange. [TMZ]

You can unclutch those pearls and pick up the shards of glass that resulted from your monocle smashing to the floor, Courtney Stodden‘s Facebook page was reinstated after the company lost its war on sexiness. [NYDN]

  • Johnny Depp in his boxers — surprising lady-boner killer. [Sun]
  • Looking for some quick cash? Start manufacturing Casey Anthony Halloween costumes. [TMZ]
  • The death of legendary talent agent Sue Mengers deserves two frowny face emoticons, as not only did she refuse to take shit from anyone in what was/is a largely male-dominated industry but also made it her mission to help actresses forge profitable careers. [LA Times]
  • After an epic seven-month relationship, Twilight‘s Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald finally tie the knot. [E!]
  • Miley Cyrus hacker reveals how insanely easy it was. Jezebel writer rethinks Gmail password. [TMZ]
  • Why won’t Beyoncé‘s predictably titled Bumpgate die? [ONTD]
  • Company offers $1million for the rights to the Tupac sex tape – but they’re less interested in the visuals than the unreleased song he was rapping to. [TMZ]
  • Speaking of sex tapes, want to hear Ira Glass‘s? [NY Mag]
  • Change into sweats and grab some popcorn – it’s Jessica Simpson Uterus Watch: Take 2,456. [Radar]
  • Dan Wheldon, driving a car sponsored by Justin Timberlake‘s clothing line William Rast, died in a 15-car accident during the Las Vegas Indy 300. [E!]
  • More from the rare Chris Martin interview, he says that finding Gwyneth was like “winning the lottery”. Cute. [Radar]
  • Sesame Street porn, brought to you by the letters X, X and X. [ONTD]
  • Paris Hilton still relevant … in Ukraine. [E!]
  • Sean Penn is slightly less annoying when trash talking the Tea Party. [NY Mag]
  • It’s been seven months in the making, but friends and family hold a touching tribute -– is there any other kind? -– for Elizabeth Taylor. [People]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio continues to whore himself around Down Under. [SUN]
  • Elizabeth Olsen: her lady-crush stock continues to rise. [NYDN]
  • Kelly Clarkson‘s latest album is leakier than a rusty pipe. [ONTD]
  • Happy belated birthday Kim Kardashian! May your popularity continue to baffle us for many years to come! [Mirror]
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