Key Witness In Sandusky Case Finally Takes The Stand


Mike McQueary, the former quarterback who is being called a crucial witness in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case, took the stand Friday to talk about what he saw after he entered a campus locker room in 2002 and heard the sound of “skin slapping on skin” in the showers.

This is definitely an unusual opportunity for a sexual assault case, as they usually do not have eyewitnesses who are able to testify, but given the inconsistencies in McQueary’s statements, it might not be much help.

McQueary, 37, testified for two hours in a preliminary hearing for two Penn State administrators “accused of lying to a grand jury about what McQueary told them about what he allegedly saw the football team’s one-time defensive coordinator doing with a boy”.

Lawyers who are not connected to the case say that this eyewitness account would be “critical” to winning the case against Sandusky:

“In any kind of case about molestation, in any kind of sexual assault, generally, there’s very, very seldom an eyewitness to the act itself,” said Bruce Antkowiak, a former federal prosecutor who teaches law at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa. “Normally, the corroboration of the act is done with scientific evidence, if it’s available, so yeah, this would be critical.”

McQueary’s testimony revealed that he actually saw a boy in the shower “being subjected to anal intercourse” by Sandusky, though he could not be sure that Sandusky was raping the boy. This left many wondering why McQueary left the boy there with Sandusky and why he didn’t choose to file a report, both of which are creating some doubt as to whether or not McQueary actually saw this take place.

Plus, it would seem that children and coaches have sex so often that it’s always tricky to tell which ones are the “super romantic yet still definitely illegal kind” and which ones are rape! Ugh.

Prosecutors say they have yet to identify the boy in the shower —who is rumored to be one of many Sandusky has been accused of showering with, molesting, raping, fondling, and other horrible things— but for the time being, Sandusky is still innocent until proven guilty.

After weeks of waiting, key witness finally takes stand in Penn State child sex abuse scandal

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