Kia Sexbot Is Super Creepy and Super Strong


Kia, the friendly manufacturer of fine automobiles, has repurposed the opening credit song from Drive, “A Real Hero,” to rhapsodize not only about the new 2014 Kia Forte, but also about the lady sexbot the Forte comes with. Strictly speaking, the Kia sexbot doesn’t actually perform any sex acts, unless you count the twisting of a phallic streetlight or the gentle caress of the Forte’s dashboard as sexy.

At the end of this ad, it seems pretty obvious that the dude who’s driving his new Kia is going to do it with the Kia sexbot, and one really has to wonder what the neighbors think about it. Are they weirded out? Maybe just a little uneasy? One wouldn’t want to be too judgy in front of a super-strong sex-crazed robot, but certainly this isn’t the sort of behavior the neighborhood association thought it’d be privy to when the nerd in the button-up signed his mortgage. Life, as they say, is full of surprises.

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