Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Group Dates Are for Kanye’s Benefit…?

Kim also included a slight dig to her sister Kourtney in her explanation. Brilliant!!

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Group Dates Are for Kanye’s Benefit…?
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On Christmas Eve Eve, a holiday celebrated by absolutely no one, the gossip gods have given us a teensy nibble of something that is as satisfying as eating a half a stale King’s Hawaiian roll for breakfast: It seems that Kim Kardashian is still thinking of Kanye West’s feelings as she embarks upon her nasty love affair with Pete Davidson.

A source that I’m sure is reputable told Page Six that the reason Kim and Pete have been doing their public dalliances accompanied by a retinue of trusted advisors like Scott Disick is because she doesn’t want to hurt her ex’s feelings.

“The group outings are to spare Kanye’s feelings,” says an insider. “Kim doesn’t want to do what her sister [Kourtney Kardashian] does with Travis [Barker], the nonstop PDA photos.”
The source continued: “[Kim] thinks hanging out in a group makes it seem more casual. She wants to keep Kanye from being hurt and devastated.”

Since there’s nothing else to really talk about today, let’s unpack this. On the one hand, it’s nice that Kim is thinking of Kanye’s feelings; if anyone still thinks of the Kardashians as frequently as I do, then they will have already realized that Kim is the sensitive one, and Kourtney is the one who is tired of doing what people want her to do and would rather just lick her hot-nasty man in public, as God intended. With that in mind, this source seems correct, but what I’d also like to note is the expert level sister-dig crammed into this quote, as well:

“Kim doesn’t want to do what her sister does with Travis, the nonstop PDA photos” is a snotty little rejoinder that would normally be best left to a group text or a private family conversation. But because the Kardashians are who they are, leaking a comment meant to defend one sister that also takes a jab at another is essentially the same vibe as doing so in the aforementioned chat! A perfect gossip item—sisters being rude to each other in public! Merry Christmas to everyone, but especially to me. [Page Six]

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