Kimmel Apologized, So We Can Put This Year’s Emmys Drama Behind Us

"The last thing I would ever want to do is upset you," Jimmy Kimmel told Quinta Brunson on his show.

Kimmel Apologized, So We Can Put This Year’s Emmys Drama Behind Us
Jimmy Kimmel lies onstage as Quinta Brunson accepts the award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for Abbott Elementary on Monday evening. Photo:Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times (Getty Images)

Jimmy Kimmel’s gag during Quinta Brunson’s acceptance speech for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series at Monday’s Emmy Awards, during which he pretended to be passed-out drunk on the floor beside her, was, by virtually any measure, unfunny. But it was also, according to Brunson’s Abbott Elementary co-star (and fellow Emmy winner!) Sheryl Lee Ralph, disrespectful. Some people on Twitter thought it was even more egregious. Brunson, for her part, told the press after accepting her award that it didn’t bother her that much.

Well, no matter what side you came down on supine-gate, the two participating parties have ostensibly resolved the matter. Brunson appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Kimmel kicked off their interview with an apology.

“That was a dumb comedy bit that we thought would be funny,” said Kimmel of the miscalculation that guided him to his prone onstage position. “And then people got upset, they said I stole your moment, and maybe I did. And I’m very sorry if I did do that. I’m sorry I did do that, actually. And also, the last thing I would ever want to do is upset you because I think so much of you and I think you know that, I hope you know that…”

“I do,” Brunson said. “Well, Jimmy let me just say thank you. It is very kind of you to say that. I honestly was in such a moment of having a good time, like I won my first Emmy. I was up there happy. I was wrapped up in the moment and just having a good time. I don’t know, I didn’t see any of that. I saw you and I saw Will Arnett and my Emmy and I was just like, ‘Oh my God, I’m having so much fun.’ But thank you, that’s kind. But honestly, I had a good night. I had a great night.”

Earlier in the episode, Brunson “interrupted” Kimmel’s monologue to “continue” her acceptance speech, which Kimmel’s onstage gag had cut into.

So that’s that. Brunson continues to play it well. At the end of their interview, Kimmel reiterated his apology. “I’m sorry I was dumb and I’ve got news: It’s gonna happen again,” he said. Great! We can count on more bad jokes from Kimmel!

During her post-win press conference, Brunson had joked that she “might” punch the late-night host in the face during her appearance on his show. She didn’t on Wednesday, but there’s always next time.

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