King Princess Reclaims Her Throne With ‘For My Friends’

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj boosts Coi Leray, while Syd and Lucky Daye reach back to the '80s in this week's new crop of songs.


Sweet, yeah: King Princess, “For My Friends” As someone who owns King Princess records and listens exclusively to KP on road trips and also who saw KP at Gov Ball while surrounded by a bunch of adorable Gen Z gays, I can’t promise this review is unbiased. KP’s newest bop comes ahead of her sophomore album Hold On Baby, out later this year, and is as sweet as a lollipop. Throughout her repertoire, KP seems to nearly always be down bad for a shitty girl, so it’s nice to hear her turn her attention so lovingly to her friends, drinking out of paper bags, and running around NYC, while admitting, “Loving me takes patience” (um same). Pants are now gay and trendy, and, as it turns out, so is sapphic-turned-platonic pop music. Love you, KP. —Emily Leibert

(In my best Trey Songz voice) This right here’s a panty dropper!: Syd, Lucky Daye, “CYBAH” – I know Syd’s forthcoming album, Broken Hearts Club, is a musical journal entry into her personal experiences with heartbreak, but “CYBAH” (short for “Can You Break a Heart”) is guaranteed to get at least five people pregnant and 10 people sprung. Only Syd and Lucky Daye can croon about the dangers of falling in love and make you want to take the risk even more, saying, “Yes, yes I can break a heart.” Syd is a siren, and I’m jumping into whatever water’s edge she’s perched on. There’s no better summer duo than the blend of her and Lucky Daye’s smooth and raspy tones, and if this is any indication of what the album is like, I’m here for the seduction, broken hearts, and sapphic love. Plus, makeup sex is always the best. —Khalisa Rae Thompson

Screaming yes to this bubblegum delight: Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj, “Blick Blick” – From start to finish, this synchronic, vibey treat is a collage of the past and present, and yet another masterful collaboration anchored by the Queen herself: Nicki Minaj. Newcomer Coi Leray holds her own with a stunning opener that launches with the addictive spin, “I said, uh, push it, push it, click-click/Yeah, pop up on a opp and watch it blick, blick.” The New Jersey-bred rapper is set to release her debut album Trendsetter, which will include “Blick Blick.” Meanwhile, present is the bedazzling halo of a Minaj winning streak that has birthed viable hits with the best in the business, including the most recent banger “Do We Have a Problem” with Lil Baby. It’s hard not to be pumped for the change of seasons, as warmer temps invite selfie poses in the beaming sun as you click click to the blick blick! —Ezinne Ukoha

Bleh: Normani, “Fair” – This debut performance of Normani’s new single “Fair” has a lot of huffing and puffing and emotional gesticulation for a chilled out and fairly inert adult contemporary track. It’s tempting to interpret that schism as a thematic underpinning for song about romantic incompatibility, but uh, the effect is the overselling of a tune that isn’t really there. The track isn’t bad; “Fair” is…just fair. —Rich Juzwiak

Abso-fucking-lutely: Rosalía, “MOTOMAMI” The title track from Rosalía’s new album is a RIDE, just like the rest of the album. The songstress bends genres, plays with expectations, and gives us music to dance to and music to cry to throughout the new record, but “MOTOMAMI” in particular is hot and coy and dirty. Coming out of my seasonal depression phase, I needed her, and she delivered. —EL

Oh yes: Joyce Wrice and Kaytranada, “Iced Tea” – Is it hot in here or is it just R&B traditionalist Joyce Wrice and left-field soul producer Kaytranada? Their collaboration is smooth and clanking, calm and impassioned. It feels like summer just before summer. It feels like hope. —RJ

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