Kristen Stewart Got Coronavirus On The Happiest Season Set But She's Fine Now

Kristen Stewart Got Coronavirus On The Happiest Season Set But She's Fine Now
Image:Valerie Macon (Getty Images)

Apparently, Kristen Stewart, fashion-bench-sitter and actor, got coronavirus in February while filming her latest horror movie, Happiest Season, about a woman trapped in a manipulative relationship by a neurotic WASP heiress and her dynastic small-town family. Fitting, I guess, that coronavirus was rampant on-set, according to Aubrey Plaza, who was also there.

On Late Show With Stephen Colbert Friday niight, Plaza revealed that “covid-19 was on our set,” back in February. “Well, we didn’t know,” she told Colbert, but revealed that Stewart was one of many who got sick.

“It was the last week of February. It was that zone where people were starting to talk about coronavirus, but people were kind of laughing about it — no one understood how serious it was. I think a bunch of people on our set got sick. I didn’t, thank God.”

Thankfully, Stewart is fine. So fine, she was able to jet off to Paris amid the premiere of the flick itself, to sit on a bench, all alone at Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show.

As for the movie itself, Plaza had some words for viewers who’ve rightfully claimed that her character should have saved Stewart from the horrifying relationship she was trapped in, instead of how the film actually ended. (No spoilers! Just know it’s bad.) “I wanted it too. I’m not going to lie, I wanted it too, I wanted it very badly. But I didn’t write the thing, I didn’t direct the thing. I just showed up, did my job, and got out of there!”

She sure did get out of there—bad ending and all—without catching coronavirus to boot!

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