Kristen Stewart Is Made Modest For Ladies, Lusty For Dudes


It’s always fun to compare and contrast how female celebrities are treated on women’s magazine covers with how they’re posed and portrayed on publications for men. And looky here! Kristen Stewart is on the November cover of Glamour magazine as well as the November cover of British GQ.

A quick rundown:

  • Men and women both find crossed legs alluring, apparently. And Kristen likes to cross her left leg over her right.
  • Kristen can face other women head-on, but must face men from a prone/reclining position, putting them on top. That’s where men belong, right?
  • For women, Kirsten’s lips can be natural and neutral-colored. She can smile, just a little. For men, it’s deep red lips, slightly parted. Red lips recreate the flush of sexual response; an open mouth telegraphs breathlessness, hunger, and sexual desire.
  • Let’s talk arms. In a photo being sold to women, Kristen is slouching, hunched. Her body language is a bit closed — though still casual: Bare feet! The men’s mag features Kristen with her arms up, above her head. A surrender. Her body is open, unprotected; her back is arched. Almost as if she’s offering herself up. Here she is, guys! A submissive object for you to consume.
  • For Glamour, Kristen’s skin is warm and sun-kissed. She the everygirl, oh-so-normal. On GQ, the skin tone is cold and pale. She’s a fragile creature, yearning to be protected.
  • Jeans vs. lingerie-like swimsuit: One says, “I’m the girl next door.” The other says, “I’m half-dressed and ready for the male gaze.”
  • Text: When she’s talking to the ladies, Kristen is “real” with “secrets” about “boys.” She addresses the gentlemen thusly: “Bite me.” She is literally commanding men to put her in their mouths. She’s also “ready.”
  • The mani-pedi is the same. Black is the new black.

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