Kristen Stewart on Homophobic Folk Hero Kim Davis: 'I Feel Really Bad for Her'

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In a new interview with The Daily Beast, Kristen Stewart—out promoting her movie Equals—was asked what she thought about the deranged circus caused by Kim Davis, the clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky who—in spite of the law and her job description—is refusing to marry gay couples.

Via the Daily Beast:

I wanted to go back to the issue of the denial of love. Have you been following the news of Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who denied a same-sex couple their marriage license, was sent to jail, and has subsequently been martyred by many on the right-wing?
Yeah. Oh my god. Did you see her come out of jail? Honestly, it makes me so deeply uncomfortable. I feel really bad for her. Anyone who’s so closed off to things that are so apparent? Imagine what else she’s missing out on in life. I’m not making any grand statements about her personally, but if something so glaringly obvious, such as this subject…
…to have that much hate in your heart must be awful.
That’s why I feel bad for her. It’s like, “Oh, buddy, that must suck.” That fear of the unknown cripples people, breeds hate, and it’s just very sad.

Not sure how Kim Davis ties into Kristen Stewart and her new movie, but, regardless, “Oh, buddy, that must suck” is a very good and generous way to dismiss an idiot.

[The Daily Beast]

Emily Blunt joked that she wanted to hand in her newly acquired American citizenship after watching the first round of GOP presidential debates. As she told The Hollywood Reporter, “I became an American citizen recently, and that night, we watched the Republican debate and I thought, ‘This was a terrible mistake. What have I done?’”

Things are hardly better in England, Em.

Looking for a wedding theme that’ll really make your guests say “WOW”? Why not copy DEVO’s Jerry Casale and his new bride Krista Knapp whose September 11, 2015 wedding was—can you guess?—September 11, 2001-themed!

Here are some facts, from TMZ:

Fact 1: Their cake was the World Trade Center, with their images on top of each tower.
Fact 2: Guests got real box cutters as party favors.
Fact 3: Their table setting cards had an image of a “Gerald & Krista” engraved box cutter.

Many happy returns.

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